Rita Makai



Phone: 416-357-3048

Born 1976 Berettyoujfalu Hungary.
Graduated from Nyiregyhaza College 1998 visual communication teacher and graphic designer degrees.
2000-2003 lived in London England and Toronto
2003-2008 art teacher in Kos Karoly Art School Debrecen, Hungary
Currently live in Toronto since January 2008
Participated many group shows and several solo shows in Hungary and in Canada

Artistís Statement

I like to create individual graphics using many different kinds of techniques and materials. My favorite colors are gained from natural materials such as coffee or tea, and I use silver and gold paint. I usually draw on handmade paper, which helps me to express the spirit of my pictures.
For me the content of my drawings are just as important as the decorative value. I have drawn many motives on the surface, which came true from the world of my fantasy.
I have always showed a big interest in studying different peoplesí cultures and traditions. Whenever I meet new people I learn more and more and it is so exiting to see such a great personality develop. I try to express these experiences through my interpretation.
The relation between human sentiment and movement interests me a lot. Many different moods and spirits can be expressed by movements music and dance can make them understood. It is a big challenge to me to convey these feelings using only the paper and my colors to show the spirit of the people.


mixed media, 4'' x 6''


mixed media (watercolour, ink) , 6'' x 4''


mixed media (watercolour coffee, ink, pencil), 20'' x 28''


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