Nandor Horthy



645 Castlefield Avenue # 104
Toronto ON
M5N 3A5
Tel.: 416-485-1027

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Art is a powerful means of communication. It is a unique way to touch a soul and evoke a wide range of emotions. Art provides an opportunity to express myself while engaging the viewer in a moment of insight into the inner recesses of my creative self.

Painting is my pleasure; indeed it is my life. I have been an artist for more than forty years, and I enjoyevery moment. Every new painting is a challenge, and when I pick up my brush, I am thinking of how I can put myself in the painting. I love the way an image takes shape on the canvas as brushstrokes reveal the concept. Improvisation brings a personal touch to my art and all of my paintings reflect my personality.

My subject matter reflects my psyche; I paint only what my inner-self accepts. I truly believe that art transcends this world and the artist who is able to bring the message to the viewer. I am eternally grateful for having been able to express my creativity through art.

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'Timless Classic'
16'' x 20'' Acrylic
? 2008, Nandor Horthy


'Old Timers'
16'' x 20'' Acrylic
? 2008, Nandor Horthy


'Northen Lake'
36'' x 24'' Acrylic on Canvas
? 2008, Nandor Horthy

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