Welcome to the Hungarian Visual Artists of Canada (HuVAC) website. Our association consists of a group of artists who joined together to promote their work, interest and participation in contemporary visual arts, to encourage each other and to hold exhibitions in Canada and abroad.

Among our members are painters, sculptors and photographers who work in various media. Some are professionals who make their living from their art; others have occupations unrelated to art and for them, it is solely an activity of love. For all of them, the brush, the chisel or the camera are means to express their ideas and feelings or to record their unique personal observations.

We believe that art builds bridges between people, generations and nationalities. It serves as a common denominator among economic groups. Art opens people's minds to new possibilities, provides a foundation for shared experience.

The beginning of Hungarian Visual Artists of Canada was the millennium celebration of the foundation of the state of Hungary in the year 2000. As part of a series of events held in Toronto area, thirty artists of Hungarian background staged three successful exhibitions, two in Toronto and region and one in Budapest.

Later, it was decided that a permanent organization should be established. At the same time, non artists were welcomed into the association as supporting members.
HuVAC invites artists with a Hungarian background and non artists to apply for membership.


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